Java Technologies

JAVA / JEE Services

ITechQ Software has over a decade of experience in developing Java based applications. We have successfully developed and deployed many applications of different scales over different environment. We understand the Cheap Football Jerseys client’s requirements to help our clients choose the right Java architecture; following tried and tested approaches to build robust and scale-able solutions. We have deployed our applications over almost all the leading application replica oakleys servers and web containers like Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle Weblogic Application Server.

 Minimizing Dependencies

We always believed that the best solution for manageable and maintainable application lies in minimizing dependencies and thereby decoupling the modules of the application. This allows us to easily manage and maintain the source code of the application. We incorporate Model View Architecture pattern for our application development which effectively separates the presentation layer from the back-end so that the changes to the application business logic and design can be incorporated with minimum effort.
We are experts and highly experienced in using proven frameworks. We have been practicing Spring Framework and Struts Framework Baratas Replicas Ray Ban from the day of the launch and successfully delivering safe and secured web applications using them. We are proficient in handling AJAX based design and client side scripts like JQuery and Javascript. We have also trained ourselves with the knowledge of Angular JS, an extension of HTML which can be used to build more dynamic, expressive and readable web application in a very short time span.

Data Management

We have worked with different DBMS such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS SQL. Our strong ability to write complex and efficient SQL and HQL (Hibernate Query Language) queries has helped us to develop highly secured and stable applications to the clients.

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) – Hibernate / Java Persistence API (JPA)

Hibernate is one of the major Open Source gri ORM tools that greatly facilitates mapping of business objects to database model. We have provided solutions to the clients with low development cost and in tight deadline and we were able to achieve this using this object relational mapping concept through Hibernate. We are also experts in using Java Persistent API (JPA).

Continuous Integration

We follow Continuous Integration (CI) as our development practice. Our developers integrate their code into a shared repository several times a day. Each update is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early on. cheap MLB Jerseys We discount football jerseys have expertise in using Jenkins, Hudson for continuous integration aided by Maven or Ant to build and deploy the applications. In all these years of experience we have been using version control repositories namely GIT, Sub-Version (SVN) and CVS depending on client’s environment.

What we do?

  • Web-oriented Java EE-based solutions development
  • Migration of software solutions to Java/Java EE Platform
  • Migration of Java/Java EE applications to new technologies
  • Java-based software product development
  • Consulting services on Java-based software development
  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) development
  • E-commerce application development
  • Application integration with legacy systems
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Mobile Back-End Services